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Early Childhood Development 

Early Childhood Development (ECD) delay is a major issue that Africa is facing. According to the Internal Journal of Child Care & Education Policy, more than 200 million children are at risk for delayed development and 61% of children are not reaching their developmental potential in Sub Saharan Africa.


Unfortunately, a large number of parents and care givers in Africa are not able to provide adequate ECD. Education is one of the main factors that could help alleviate poverty and is a driver for improving people's lives and creating economic growth.


ECD aims to ensure that children receive the appropriate stimulation, diverse experiences and sustained activities that will maximize the development of executive functions: memory, cognitive functions, communication and motor skills. Those who do not get quality early childhood education are less prepared for schooling, tertiary education and the workplace.


Building a strong educational foundation during formative years is thus imperative for future success. 

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